DIY Rustic Chandelier Wagon Wheel For Outdoor Area

Beautiful DIY Rustic Chandelier

DIY Rustic Chandelier – Both decorative and practical as an lighting option, there are many style choices for a chandelier. Wheelbarrows, animal skins, antlers, wood and twigs represent a range of elements used in the creation of many rustic chandeliers. As homeowners move entertainment out in good weather, outdoor rustic chandeliers remain popular as a dramatically decorating lighting choice. With high price tags on outdoor rustic chandeliers, DIY rustic chandelier is a handy choice for the smart consumer.

Determine the best location in outdoor area for your DIY rustic chandelier. From the height of the tree branch, spindle or other support structure is available, to determine the length of the chain required hanging the wagon wheel. Three chains of the same length will connect the wagon wheel to a hook mounted on the support structure. Drill holes for three hooks or more along the outer edge of the wagon, spacing them evenly apart to stabilize the chandelier. Turn the hooks to hang lanterns. You can add more or fewer hooks for the number of lanterns desired.

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Drill three holes for hooks on the inside of the wagon and screw in the hooks to attach chains. The hooks should be equally spaced so the three chains will keep the trolley wheel level. Attach a chain to each hook. Drill a hole for a large hook on a tree branch, gazebo or support structure. Turn the hook. Attach the three chains holding the wheel the wheel to the hook on the support structure. Light the light. Place lanterns on the wagon wheel. And DIY rustic chandelier is finish; you can enjoy nighttime with your own wagon wheel chandelier.

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