Dome Ceiling Design

Beautiful Dome Ceiling

Dome ceiling – Homeowners and both tenants can benefit from unused roof space for storage, furnishings and lighting by installing roof hooks. The hooks vary depending on the type of roof they are installed on, where in the ceiling they are installed, but all the roof hooks are a cheap way to add visual interest to a room. Hooks such as screw hooks and tilting bolts can be found on hardware and building blocks for around five to ten dollars. General screwdrivers are preferred when a stud is available to support the load. Tilting bolts are best used when a stud is not available.

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Place the steps in the place where you plan to install the dome ceiling until you can comfortably reach the ceiling without overcrowding. Using a stud finder, select the rules near where you want to connect to cancel. Select specific location on a located pin in which you want to screw the hook. Regular screwdrivers benefit from support studs giving them the opportunity to carry more weight.

Drill a small hole in the place where you want the hook to hang. The bit should be smaller than the screw on the hook. You will know if you have succeeded in stud when encountering resistance after drilling an inch in the ceiling. Screw the hook through the steering hole and into the stud. Be sure to keep the dome ceiling straight. Use pliers to control the hook in stud if you encounter resistance. Pull the hook to ensure it is secure and hang objects.

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