Easy DIY Wood Chandelier

DIY Wood Chandelier Ideas

DIY Wood Chandelier – Compiling a wood chandelier from branches creates a one-of-a-kind artistic and conversation piece at a minimal cost. Take the outdoors inside with a branch chandelier, which complements rustic interior styles, or paint the branches gold or white to match it to modern decor. Look for the best pieces for this project in the fall and winter, when the field of forests and paths are covered with discarded twigs and branches.

The first pull all bark from branches and cut off any unwanted branches with your knife and sand them for build DIY wood chandelier. Then, paint or stain the branches if you want. Lay your branches in length over a large, hard surface. Stack and arrange your branches in an aesthetically pleasing way, and decide where to put your plastic chandelier light. Drill holes in each branch where it overlaps another branch. Screw offices together in these areas. Add glue if the branch chandelier shape still does not feel safe. Allow the glue to dry completely. Drill holes in industries where you have planned to put light, the holes should only be smaller than the bottoms extracted nipple. Twist picked nipples into the branch holes. Attach the candelabra to the nipples.

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Attach all the candlesticks to each other with the wires of the lamp wire by attaching the unlabeled lead lamp cord to the silver screws and fuse cord wire to brass screws. Connect all sockets with these wires that go around the DIY wood chandelier in a circle. Connect the unlabeled wires together and the ribbed wires together with wire nuts in the center of the crown. Wrap together after the connection, creating a multi-meter lamp cord in the center of the chandelier. Pull the cord through the eye of the tree crowns.

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Cover the outlet with your plastic light cover and attach the bulbs. Cut the cable into two pieces and drive each piece through a pulley. Attach two lengths of plastic-coated cable to the chandelier by tying at the end of each cable around two different branches on opposite sides of chandelier. Assemble the cables in the middle and hold the chandelier off the pulleys to make sure it looks level when hanging DIY wood chandelier. Connect the two pulleys in the eye to the threaded cover.