Easy Panting Bead Board Ceiling

Beadboard is common in many homes. While normally found in dining room walls and bathrooms, beadboard is installed in other places as well. Laminated ceilings are added architectural interest to a room and can be used to easily cover the errors of drywall. Like most roofs, painting a bead board ceiling is a bit more difficult to paint walls. When possible, paint the beadboard before installing it on the roof. It is much easier to paint Beadboard before installation.

Put on the painting clothes and protective goggles. The paint will drip on you when painting the ceiling. Then, put rags on the floor under the bead board ceiling. And then, clean the roof. Clean the beadboard with a clean cloth and a degreasing cleaner. Make repairs to the beadboard. Fill the holes or dents in the beadboard with wood putty. Allow the dry putty and sand with fine-grained sandpaper. Remove the sanding dust with a damp cloth.

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Close-up of the beadboard. Spread latex primer on the beadboard with a paint roller. After spreading primer on the Beadboard run a brush between the slots to eliminate any dripping paint. Give the primer two hours to dry. Paint the bead board ceiling with latex paint. Work in small sections at a time. Run the paint on the beadboard with a paint roller and run the brush between the slots to remove excess paint. Repeat if necessary, leaving each layer of paint dry before applying the next.

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