Easy To Use Bottom Drawer Slides

Bottom Drawer Slides Idea

Obtaining the necessary space for additional storage in the kitchen by installing bottom drawer slides underneath the base cabinets is not as complicated as it seems. Simply assemble the drawers in the workshop, make enough space for them to slide under the cabinets, install the rails and screw them both in the drawer and on the sides of the interior of the frame where the furniture will slide. Now let’s see how it is done are the following images that show us each step.

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The drawer, cradle and slides form a complete unit that is easy to build and easy to install underneath a closet. You could build the bottom drawer slides with nothing more than hand tools and a circular saw, but a table saw and a miter saw will give you faster and better results. A nail gun is another great time saver, although you can hammer everything together with 1-1 / 4 inches. Finish the nails in place.

Before buying materials, open the cavity under the cabinets so you can take measurements. Usually, the toe is held up by a few small nails and is easy to remove. If you do not plan to cover all the space for your fingers with bottom drawer slides, be kind enough to be able to cut the tip of the foot and reinstall a section. If floor layers have been added since the cabinets were installed, first remove the top edge of the kick outward and then lift it to clear the accumulated floor.

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