Easy Ways To Remove Decorative Wall Plaster

Carved Decorative Wall Plaster

Decorative wall plaster – Regardless of a wall plaster finish, whether decorative or plain, you take down to the material in the same way. Although it is not a difficult task, it is one that requires an abundant amount of physical work that is quite monotonous. Plaster is an inner wall and ceiling finish, has been largely replace by plaster. Until drywall was introduced, shading required a wall or ceiling skills by an experienced contractor. Demolition, on the other hand, is more straightforward.

Follow these instructions to knowing the easy ways to remove decorative wall plaster. First, move all furniture from the wall to have a clear area to work. Put plastic on the floor to catch plaster pieces as they fall from the wall, as well as dust. Roll a wheelbarrow into the living room. Second, turn off the power to the room on the main breaker panel. Third, wear protective goggles, dust mask and gloves. Place a chisel against one on the top of the wall and hammer it in decorative wall plaster to create a starting point.

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Insert the blade of a piston compressor into the hole and cut down on the floor. Remove saw blade from the wall and put it back in the same starting point. Then horizontally crossed, looked down. Fifth, start to pull the decorative wall plaster away from the wall frame in your hand. Use a barbell if it is necessary to get stubborn sections away from the wall frame. Last, throw the big pieces into the wheelbarrow and empty it as necessary in a dumpster or trash bin. Wrap up the plastic that contains the smaller pieces and dust, and then dispose of it as well.

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