Elegant Touch For Crown Molding Popcorn Ceiling

Crown Molding Popcorn Ceiling Corner

Crown molding popcorn ceiling option gave a house an elegant touch without necessarily adhering to a classic style. Well, this time we will focus on something much more usual but no less aesthetic. The crown moldings and rosettes. The ceiling moldings, that perimeter element of plaster with more or less ornamentation. They have always been associate with the classical style.

And in fact it was (and is) very common to find them in old floors of more than 100 years in which it has not been done roof reform. The arrival of minimalism banished all these elements (moldings, baseboards, rosettes and various flourishes). And hundreds of crown molding popcorn ceiling that came “standard” in these types of floors were eliminate overnight to conform to the standards of neatness. And purity of lines of minimalist or contemporary styles.

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The perimeter crown molding popcorn ceiling, besides decorative, fulfilled the function of avoiding the cracks in the corners by the change of material. Other elements such as central moldings or rosettes. Those circular shapes normally in the central area of​the room that usually accommodate a lamp or point of light. They are mainly decorative, but all help create an environment with a point of sophistication and elegance.

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