Environmentally Friendly Solar Lantern: Read On!

Solar Lantern Glass

Although at present it may seem that flashlights are no longer used as before, this is not the case in many countries where homes do not have access to electricity. Likewise, many outdoor activities still need them. For that reason, it can be interesting to see what environmentally-friendly options exist. One of the most interesting options can solar lantern, a flashlight that works with solar energy designed to be light and transportable while resistant.

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Solar lantern created with the aim of producing light in a clean and affordable way so that people can use it at any time: camping, in emergency situations, in the day to day of those countries where the houses do not have electricity, etc.

This flashlight is formed by an inflatable structure, a switch, a group of LED’s (the number varies depending on the model) and a battery that is charged through two small solar panels located at the base of the flashlight that react to sunlight . Solar lantern is a real alternative to candles or traditional lanterns that offers us the possibility of having light in a way that respects the environment. Do you know other clean and safe lighting options? What do you think about them?

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