Fabulous Design Noguchi Coffee Table

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Over time the interior decoration has changed a lot and the variety of decorative styles is proof of that. Decades ago decorative options were more limited but every time new materials and designs are influenced to break the monotony and offer new shapes and objects. The glass noguchi coffee table is one of the materials that until recently he did not recognize the value in decor but over the years that idea has changed.

Each time glass is given more prominence in interior decoration and glass coffee tables are proof of that. Gone are those ideas that the glass is fragile and dangerous and cannot be used to create furniture. Noguchi coffee table can be equally resistant to other types of materials thanks to their thickness and manufacturing method, as in the case of tempered glass. These tables differ from the dining tables, above all, by the size: the coffee tables are around 50 cm high.

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Noguchi coffee table offers us the same possibilities as any coffee table. We can find, for example, glass coffee tables with lifting lids or also with a double height so that you can store magazines and different objects at the bottom. In addition it is not necessary that the entire table is glass since you can find coffee tables with the structure of chromed steel or wood and the rest of glass.

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