Fantastic Stick On Wall Mural Style

Large Stick On Wall Mural

Although there are many ways to decorate a wall with style, stick on wall mural and photomurals are options that give fantastic results and are capable of dressing a room. Next, we expose several ideas regarding murals to decorate our walls according to the tastes and needs of each person. The murals can occupy a whole wall, or only part of it. Also, we can form triptychs in separate pieces. There are murals painted directly on the wall or murals that adhere to it.

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An easy-to- install and economical option (a 150 x 230 stick on wall mural can cost approximately 40 or 50 Euros) are the wallpapers. Being a trend, there is more and more demand for them and also more options. They usually come with tail include and in separate parts, to favor their placement. We just have to place each piece carefully. Using a cloth to remove the excess glue from the edges. And avoiding air bubbles that can ruin the composition.

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Stick on wall mural is perfect for kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, and in general, for smooth walls. You will have heard of the decorative options that vinyls give us, and not only in walls. But also in furniture, windows or even shower screens. For walls we find interesting alternatives. Such as a vinyl that recreates a Skyline of your favorite city, a great animal that will decorate your door, lyrics, musical notes … the options are very numerous.