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Wall decor mirrors are decorative elements that originated in ancient times. Symbols of beauty and magic for their reflection have conquered soul of humble and vanity alike. They were create as exempt elements, condition by their craftsmanship. And over time they were varying their size and also shape thanks to industrial development. Extending their applications and also revolutionizing world of interior design today. Nowadays we can decorate with mirrors through large continuous mirrored surfaces. Or through freestanding pieces shaped with almost any imaginable shape.

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They have also returned colored mirrors so fashionable in 60s, as well as lps of aged effect in vintage versions. A whole world of possibilities in terms of shape, size, color. And also appearance that extends even more in applications. Then wall decor mirrors allow us to cover all types of flat surfaces. From pillars and partitions to fronts of kitchens and bathrooms, through whole walls or partial walls.

This type of coating brings a lot of light to room. Although given its large area is advisable not to use smooth mirrors of large dimensions. But to provide some originality, either by mirror tiles, geometric partitions or by making grids with reeds. One of most aesthetic ways to decorate with wall decor mirrors is to use large XL formats. Whether supported on floor or hung along length of a wall. Whether they are frame in rich emboss silver or rustic wood. This type of mirror always bring presence and elegance to any room where they go.

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