Farmhouse Chandelier Lighting Ideas

Antique Farmhouse Chandelier Lighting

Farmhouse chandelier lighting has taken on many new roles in the farmhouse. Farmhouse these lights were hung in formal dining rooms, entrance ways, foyers, and great rooms. They have been around since before electricity was born when they were powered by candles, as a matter of fact even today there are some types of these lights that use light bulbs that mimic the look of candles. These types of lights are still used in the farmhouse areas.

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Farmhouse bathroom lighting has not really been given much thought. A simple fluorescent fixture hung over the mirror was always viewed as sufficient but today that has all changed it is not unusual today to walk into a bathroom and to find of all things hanging in the middle of the room farmhouse chandelier lighting. Sometimes the light maybe installed just for whimsical purposes but sometimes the light can be rather elaborate and really dress the bathroom up. The light that is given off by this type of lighting is a warm light very unlike the cold harsh light of the fluorescent lighting.

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Bedrooms are another room where this farmhouse chandelier lighting has popped up. It is not unusual to find a chandelier light dangling in a master bedroom to add a little spice to the décor. The trend has also seen this type of lighting in not only master bedrooms but in nurseries as well.