Fascinating Reclaimed Wood Console Table

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Today we are going to show you some ideas of original reclaimed wood console table that you can make yourself. You’ll just need a little time and some skill! If you like crafts , this example will delight you. These are original wood console table made by reusing old suitcases . Nowadays, old suitcases are ideal for carrying out all kinds of DIY projects with a certain vintage touch .

To be able to carry out this reclaimed wood console table, you will only need a vintage suitcase (obviously) and the design you want to carry out with it. Here we leave you a couple of ideas so you can be inspired. Many times we wonder what we can do with those old books that no longer have any use for us. If this is your case, this idea for original console table will fascinate you.

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It’s about using the books as a structure that will put together your reclaimed wood console table. In the following cases you can see two very similar cases. In both the books are stacked creating towers that serve to leave the auxiliary lamp or some decorative element. It is a very nice idea, but it is true that the space it offers us to leave things is very limited.

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