Find Perfect Thermador Microwave Drawer

Best Thermador Microwave Drawer

Thermador microwave drawer are a fundamental part in the design of the kitchen and, however, placing them in the most appropriate place can become a real challenge. The reasons for not finding the perfect place are the most varied, although, on many occasions, they have to do with the lack of planning or the dimensions of a room in the house that has to be functional and aesthetically attractive in equal parts.

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The thermador microwave drawer is one of those small appliances that often colonize the kitchen. His contribution to the practicality of the kitchen is indisputable and is that, among other things, allows reducing the times of preparation of food. Its nature as an element that facilitates culinary tasks makes it an almost essential device. Therefore, in this book of ideas we present more than a dozen kitchen furniture ideal for placing your microwave.

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This is one of the ideal solutions: microwave and stainless steel oven embedded in a column cabinet next to the refrigerator, so that all the appliances are grouped in the same wall of the kitchen, creating a sensation of harmony and order. The thermador microwave drawer is elevated, but at a reasonable height. In addition, it has a support surface for the dishes on the right.