Finishing Basement Drop Ceiling Makeover

Drop Ceiling Makeover Acoustic Panels

Drop ceiling makeover– There are many ways to finish the basement ceiling and you have to choose the type that suits you best. You can choose from traditional drywall, tongue and groove boards, acoustic ceilings and drop ceilings. You can think through each option and find the best one that works for you. If you decide on drywall, you should be prepare to move the pipes and channels between the blocks. If all of that cannot be hidden inside the beam cavity. Then you have to enter the box on what is shown.

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You should also add a furring strip to give extra support where you need it. This is necessary to give strength to the box and provide solid support for ceiling maintenance is complete. You will find that drywall is a good choice due to the fact that it is cheap. But there is a lot of work to be done before you get the finished product such as plastering and sanding. If you prefer drop ceiling makeover acoustics, the tiles are beautiful to use because of their small size.

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You can install it by pinning it into the stripes of goose hair but you must have all the pipes. And hidden channels to get a smooth surface for your ceiling. You will find the same thing using tongue and groove boards, but again you should have a smooth surface and all the pipes and channels should be hidden. The cost of using this material is slightly higher, especially if you have to take someone to move the pipes and channels that cannot be hidden easily. That’s the article about drop ceiling makeover.