Fire Rated Ceiling Panels

Build Fire Rated Ceiling

Fire rated ceiling – This durable plaster panel and give it to the place of food processing hygiene. They are usually laminated vinyl to close dirt, moisture and odor. Vinyl surface that is presented and very resistant to stains. They can also withstand repeated washing. Maximum lighting efficiency because they have a highly reflective surface. With vinyl-laminated finish, there is no need to complete additional. However, if the customer so desires, it is recommended to use two layers of gloss latex or enamel. Also, the oil primer can be used and then coated with oil paints or flat latex. Oil painting is flat, two layers, it can also be used.

Vinyl plaster panels are also approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The panel easily cut off and can be stored in suspended standard grid fire rated ceiling. They wash easily. Lightly rub the surface with a wet cloth or sponge with soap or detergent to remove dirt and marks. Strong organic solvent cleaners and steel wool are not recommended for use in board cleaning. They can be washed easily with soap and water. 10% citric acid, ketchup, 10% sodium hydroxide, lemon juice, mayonnaise, coffee, tea, cooking oil, milk, disodium phosphate, crayons, mustard and vinegar will also have no effect on the gypsum board even when exposed to these products Chemicals for 24 hours. However, the pencil mark will leave very clear spots. Exposure to acetone for 24 hours and then washed with soap and water will provide a glossy finish on the panel.

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The plaster fire rated ceiling panel should not be used in areas directly exposed to water. They should not be used in swimming pools, bathrooms and changing rooms in areas with high humidity or humidity. The load should be limited to 0.5 lbs. per square foot. Closed or the space above a roof panel should be well ventilated. Press clips or retainers should be provided where a sudden change in wind or water pressure may lift the panel installation. Use only the suspended system approved for outdoor use when installing outdoors.

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