Fresh And Dynamic Mid Century Dining Table

Attractive Contemporary Dining Room Chandeliers

Here, a light wood mid century dining table framed by the modern white pendant lamp. The chairs are also covered in white textile. We bring you different atmospheres with contemporary airs to inspire you! Not all elements of a decoration have to be contemporary to achieve a current air. You can mix lines of furniture, textiles and lighting fixtures and achieve a fresh and dynamic aesthetic.

A dining room that is a dream: the long black table was accompanied by original chairs with geometric lines in ocher and black. Black shines in this bright dining room. The long polished wooden mid century dining table is accompanied by chairs upholstered with capiton. The large mirror and glass vases provide shine, while the chandelier with caireles adds a sophisticated touch to the space.

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In the corner, a dining room dressed with oak wood floors. The industrial aesthetic table was combined with three white plastic chairs and a bench dressed in gray linen cushions. For lighting, one and an iron pendant sphere. The focal point of this dining room is the large black mid century dining table. In addition, large wooden chairs lacquered in black and few but effective decorative elements were chosen so as not to overload the environment.

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