Fun Colorful Balloon Ceiling Decor

Baby Balloon Ceiling Decor

Keep in mind that there are many shapes and models of balloons, textures, colors … use ones you like most. We insist again you can also dedicate yourself to this to make a prosperous business. You can make simple balloon ceiling decor and you’ll still manage to give a special touch to celebration, due to colorful balloons and if you want to give it more personality, you can add ribbons that may be hanging under balloons.

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As we have already said, balloon ceiling decorgives an unforgettable festive atmosphere to your party. If above we plan its location, effect will be triple. A good idea is to create a touch full of balloons. With a helium cylinder we can inflate balloons so that they will float on top of ceiling. If we do it with multiple balloons and putting a bow on bottom, it will get a great effect, which we can complete with garlands.

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If tie does not convince you, you can give it a different touch by hanging some pictures on bottom of balloon ceiling decor. It is a great idea to surprise birthday boy or birthday girl. So you can choose photos of moments in your life and hang them from balloons as a tribute. And for a more childish decoration, we can make a cone in bottom of balloons. So that it seems that roof is full of multiple ice creams.