Fun Ideas Using Whiteboard Wall Decal

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When we were children, we were all fascinated by the blackboard (which was also called “waxed”, remember?) Of the class. The fear that inspired us the possibility that the teacher took us to the blackboard. It was transform into bravery and courage when the teacher left. And was available to us between class and class. Reviving those times is possible, and besides a very practical way if recently in the blog we talk about paintings with “slate effect”. And now we can also decorate our walls with whiteboard wall decal with the same purpose.

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But this novelty is not limit to the walls, but also extends to other functions. Such as the labeling of cans or jars. Who can resist something so charming and useful? Whiteboard wall decal can be use as a “reminder panel” in the kitchen, study or hall, and brings a shabby-chic touch to the decoration of the home. They are available in a rectangular and sober format. But also with much more baroque and complex shapes.

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Another possibility is to place whiteboard wall decal in the children’s room. And thus foster their passion for art while saving the newly painted walls from the disaster … The labels can be purchase in five different ways: rectangular, baroque, oval … And in two sizes, to label bottles of all types. And of course, they will also play an essential role in filing cabinets, folders, clothing boxes…