Fun Sports Baseball Wall Decor

Baseball Wall Decor 3D

Decorate your child’s room or a special corner of the house in an easy and economical way. And with a design that everyone will love. Because when talking about games, the first thing that comes to mind is that we want to live immersed in that world. And with this project you will be in a certain way. Cut the two anime spheres in half, the two parts of the largest being one for the soccer ball. And the other for the baseball wall decor respectively. While one of the halves of the smallest will be for the baseball.

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Baseball wall decor with line the half of the sphere with white felt pulling it well so that wrinkles do not form. Cut 6 pentagons of equal size in black felt, stick one in the center and the other 5 around. For the lines you can use black liquid embroidery and even the same felt. Similarly covers the sphere but this time uses orange felt. You make the lines with liquid embroidery.

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Baseball wall decor: white lining the sphere. The stripes that you have on both sides can be done with a black marker and simulate the sewing with a red marker. To hang them, just place the nails on the wall and then push the spheres. These will be fix perfectly due to the nobleness of this material.

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