Gas Lantern On The Porch

Outdoor Gas Lanterns

Gas lantern – Porch hanging lamps are the lights hanging from a decoration chain. They add that the general style of the house, and provide the function of security and safety by being a light for the operation of the porch area. Hanging these lamps is similar to other types of outdoor lighting, however you will have to adjust the chain to the length you need for your porch so that it is at the proper height.

How to hang the lights gas lantern on the porch. Go to the circuit breaker and turn off the power to the porch. Climb a ladder and separate the old light from the porch. Use a drill to remove the screws. Hold the light with one hand so it does not fall off. Once it is loose, it was the drill down and untangles the wires that connect to the house. Set the old light to one side. Hook the flashlight on the end of the chain. The chain is attached to the base plate that is screwed into the roof of the porch. Do not worry about the cable connection yet.

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Keep the base up to the ceiling, where it will be placed and look where the gas lantern is locked. If you want a better idea of ​​your location, have someone to hold you during your stay on the ground and look. If it has to be shorter, take some of the links out of the end that hooks to the flashlight. Some pliers are needed to separate them.

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