George Kovaks Lamps With The Minka Lighting

George Kovacs Under Cabinet Lighting

George Kovaks Lamps – Minka lighting refers to a range of decorative lighting products manufactured and sold by the Minka Group. Minka has national distribution centers in Corona, California, and Concord, North Carolina, to ship their products throughout the United States. Furthermore, based in Corona, Minka is anounce as a leader in the decorative lighting industry.

Minka lighting products are divided into several brands. Environment, that is mainly basic floor and table lamps; Minka-Lavery, which focuses primarily on chandeliers. And then Metropolitan, which includes chandeliers, pendants and appliques; The open air, which focuses on external lighting; George Kovacs, that has inspiration by the design of George Kovacs mid-century; and GK Lightrail, a division of George Kovacs that focuses on rail lighting systems.

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The alignment of Minka lighting is extensive. Includes chandeliers; hanging appliques; floor, wall and table; three series of accessories; fluorescent lights; flush mounting; lanterns; and lane lighting. Moreover, Minka offers lights for indoor and outdoor use. And, therefore in residential and commercial environments. Minka has retail partners in the form of local lighting companies in the United States. Furthermore, it also has retailers in Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. Minka has more than 2,100 partners around the world. Although Minka is best known for its lighting, it also carries ceiling fans. These are available under the Minka-Aire brand. Furthermore, the company sells fans in 70 different styles and designs.

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