Glass Kitchen Table Sets: It’s Elegant!

Black Glass Kitchen Table Sets

When choosing material for the table in our dining room, or also in our office, glass kitchen table sets, usually combined with metal at the base, is usually among the options. It is an elegant combination and has the advantage that due to its resistance we can take it outdoors, but from my point of view it has the inconvenience of cleaning and that it usually marks.

These types of tables can be as versatile as wooden tables. There are extendable glass kitchen table sets that can help us give a chic touch to our dining rooms without losing functionality. Although in this case, another thing that does not quite convince me is that you see the extension mechanism and legs through the glass surface … That is, I see pros and cons.

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Otherwise, there are in all shapes and sizes: rectangular, square or round. Especially extensible can be very practical and their design is becoming more modern and original, as we can see in the models of the photos in this article. However, I still see few glass kitchen table sets in the houses I go to. In the case of coffee tables the price is more affordable, and that is if it is more usual to see the glass as material, but with the dining room, do you dare?

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