Good Ideas For Use Steel Ceiling

Dining Steel Ceiling

What do you think about steel ceiling? In this case, a consistency is seen in the trend base on the use of steel in different forms and aspects, combine with wood and cement. Traditionally, both materials have been use individually in the construction of structures. Or in which one is the support with a structural or utilitarian function and the other the visible material. Or in areas such as sculpture and architecture, serving artistic and technical purposes.

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In recent times there has been a boom in avant-garde houses with walls and floors of polish cement. Facades and doors adorned with corten steel plates or majestic and modern steel ceiling. And is that the roof outside or inside each house does not have to be the traditional concrete or wood roof. Today, the roof of the residence, studio or apartment has become the ideal complement to the architectural design in tune with the personality and character of the owner.

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In addition, it is vital at the moment to save on its construction or to make renovations. The new construction materials available in steel such as Metaldeck (for roofing and between floors). And steel ceiling such as roofing or metal tiles make metal roofs functional structures. And vanguard in architecture, for its aesthetics and versatility.