Good Place For Antler Chandeliers

White Antler Chandeliers

Everyone can picture an antler chandeliers hanging from a great wooden timber ridge beam of a log home. The stone fireplace with the flames snapping, the rustic handmade hickory rocker on one side and the leather love seat on the other invites anyone to melt into the cushions with a good book. But there are other places that antler chandeliers are also very fitting.

Another unique placement for antler chandeliers is on a porch or deck. If one could be located for outdoor use, it would be really neat to see it illuminating an outside space. For a glass enclosed porch, where water is not a danger, deer chandeliers could hang quite comfortably. Smaller units with only two or three antlers intertwined with flat bases to attach wax candle to would work for interior or exterior use. Wax candle can be stout and short, or tall and tapered. Originally candle chandeliers were designed with wax candles affixed to wood or metal frames.

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The last place that comes to my mind, as I mentally walk through some of the custom homes we have built, is the den area. A den, very masculine and lacking in frills, would be the perfect place to suspend a simple light, but one with much presence. The antler theme can be continued with the use of some animal mounts like an elk or mule deer buck, rustic wall sconce, or lamb bases built from animal horns. Just a quick look through a Cabela’s magazine or a browse through Amazon’s lighting selections can give many ideas that would correspond with the natural. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination when you decorate your home. Good taste is always evident when a light fixture such as an antler chandeliers is chosen to help add a new looks to any room.

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