Gorgeous Wall Decoration Butterflies

Black Wall Decoration Butterflies

Wall decoration butterflies usually like us all because they embody spirit of freedom and beauty of their colors are use to decorate. We see them in wallpaper and also in ceramics. Today we will check that you can also make great recycled butterflies to decorate a painting or wall. These recycled butterflies to decorate at home add to other alternatives. Such as butterflies made from newspaper or butterflies that are made with plastic containers that are also recycle.

Wall decoration butterflies are very nice options to get creative. Because these are also paint so we can customize them to fullest using cheerful colors. It can combine with wall or place where we are going to put them. We will need to be able to make a few recycle butterflies a can of soda. Because they are made with tinplate that is a very easy material to cut. We will also use a cutter, colored markers and a piece of paper to make mold.

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When you have drawn wall decoration butterflies on piece of tin that you have obtained from cutting soda can. Then you can make small streaks to make wings look more real using a pencil for embossing. Next thing is to paint with cheerful colors. And let color be fix on piece. We can place them in garden, they look beautiful. Maybe you want to make a picture using an old frame and placing butterflies on a piece of cloth or cardboard.

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