Great Choice With Trace Ceiling Decorative Ideas

Trace Ceiling Paint

The roof model of the trace ceiling is ideal for placement in collective spaces and transit areas. This model can be manufacture to the size that by the client facilitating want. Even more, the installation and the quadrature of the ceilings. It is a continuous ceiling of simple registration, allowing access to the plenum for maintenance or repairs avoiding complex manipulations. It comes in two different widths, 200 and 300 mm of variable length. Which is range maximum 2.5 meters self-supporting, up to 6 meters with a rake. And it allows the widest one to be drill, thus improve the acoustic performance, complemented by the thermo-adhesive veil.

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These are roofs consisting of a trace ceiling. The perimeter of each tray is construct with a special three-dimensional aluminum profile. It is removable, and it stays clean. The perimeter of each tray is build with a special profile of three-dimensional aluminum. Where the roof is attach on all sides, cover the entire structure, so that the profile is hidden, forming a compact unit.

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The upper layer prevents dust particles from falling directly into the lower tray, which allows keeping the internal cleaning of the lower part of the roof that is the visible part. Each trace ceiling is removable so we recommend this type of roof for areas where it is necessary to have a permanent accessibility.