Great Ideas For 9 Foot Ceilings

9 Foot Ceilings Bedroom

Undoubtedly the 9 foot ceilings, in the interior decoration are the great forgot. A couple of hands of white paint and ready. In fact it is the simplest and most effective way to finish painting any room, that way we do not complicate our lives and practically for all stays it is the best option. The option of using the ceiling to add color, create a point of attention. Add motives or make it the protagonist of the decoration is rarely consider.

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But of course, if we want, we can also decorate 9 foot ceilings and in many different ways. Decorate the ceiling with paint. Usually an accent wall is usually created when you want to add color to a room, but if you want we can also use the ceiling to add a vibrant color and fill the room with color without touching the walls. A correct combination of colors between ceiling and walls can be visually very attractive.

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Decorate the 9 foot ceilings with decorative plaster. This other option is also very popular when decorating a ceiling. But if we choose an unconventional plaster we can create a nice pattern on the ceiling. There are hundreds of different designs of plaster plates that we can use to decorate the ceiling. This is just some example!