Height For Bedside Wall Lamps Of Sconces

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Bedside Wall Lamps – A wall lamp is usually a secondary light source in a room. Generally, the height of the wall recommended for installation is 6 feet, but it depends on the height of the ceiling and the style of the fixation. Ultimately, go with what height looks best with the furniture in the room.

First tips are that the lamps should be higher than the eye can see. Furthermore, the wall lamps should hang between 5 feet and 6 feet in overall height. Keep sconces higher than the eye so that you cannot see the bulb as they pass. In high traffic areas, hang them 2 or 3 inches higher so that guests can pass under them safely. Factor in the height of the ceiling if you want to hang your appliqué higher than the recommended 6-1 / 2 feet. You must have at least 1 foot of free space above the top of the fixing device to avoid the risk of burning the roof.

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And the last suggestion takes into account the apply style. Some applique designs suggest that they can hang in certain places to shed the best light. If your applet projects a downward glow, consider hanging over a piece of decorative art. Or hang a wall lamp near a presentation of the tables you want to highlight.

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