Helpful Hints For Buying A Piano Lamps

Piano Bench Lights

Piano Lamps – First on the list above is knowing the type of your piano. This might seem too easy, but it might be confusing for some people. It’s easy to distinguish between a big piano and an upright piano. Some confusion might arise when trying to determine the difference between a cabinet, console, studio, or perpendicular. Without entering a certain size, this will help with your lighting options if you know the height of your piano. Simply measure from floor to instrument. This is important because some piano lights function better with shorter pianos, and others have high power.

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For example, if you have a 48 “or higher piano, one of the best lighting options is Low Profile Light. This lamp has a short stick that places colors closer to music. If you have a high upright piano and you have to choose the lights that having high shade on the base, you might find that the light is actually too far from music, making sure you know the type and height of your piano before you start looking for light.

The second item on the list relates to watts, and knows how much light you need. Some people like very bright lights, and others prefer less light. The House of Troy Piano Lamps offer different watts, with some having the flexibility to use lower and higher watts. Generally, light output of 60-80 watts gives a lot of light to read clearly any music book or music book. Choosing a lighting style has a lot to do with your type of pianist. If you have a big piano, you will see a specially designed grand piano lamp. There are 3 basic types.

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