High Gloss Custom Spray Paint Ceiling Fan

Wooden Accent Spray Paint Ceiling Fan

Spray Paint Ceiling Fan – You can create the high-gloss custom ceiling fan blades to enhance any decor. Choose the high gloss spray lacquer in the desired color to transform an ordinary fan into a focal point. You can spray both sides of each sheet of the same color or make reversible blades by spraying a different color on each side. Create a fun and funky looking room for a child for each sheet of paint a different color.

Choose metallic gold spray paint ceiling fanfor an opulent touch or silver for an industrial environment. Remove the blades from the ceiling of the fan with a screwdriver. Turn each screw to the left of the top of each fan blade and lift the blade of the metal blade arm. Clean sides and edges of the sheets with household cleaner. Rinse well and dry. Wipe each sheet with alcohol and a lint-free cloth to remove surface residue. Unfold the fabric plastic and spread out through a wooden exterior wall.

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Cloth tape in place, covering as much wall as possible. Shake the spray lacquer as specified by the manufacturer. Hold 10 to 14 inches from the blades and spray the flat surface and edges of each sheet lightly and evenly, moving the can horizontally back and forth across the entire group of sheets. Allow the paint to dry undisturbed for the time specified by the manufacturer. Turn the fan blades around the nails and spray paint ceiling fanthe other side gently and evenly.

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