Homemade Kitchen Chandelier

Bright Kitchen Chandelier

Kitchen chandelier can be a beautiful complement to any home. Many times, but they are located in out-of-reach areas that you cannot cope with your weekly cleaning regime. This allows dirt and debris to deceive the chandelier appearance over time. Certainly there are several finished products like pure chandeliers; these are expensive and not more efficient than a simple home-made solution

Washing-up liquid

Liquid detergents will break up dirt and sludge and make your kitchen chandelier sparkling as it was when it was first purchased. In a spray bottle, mix a solution of 2 dl of water and 20 drops of liquid detergent. Spray on a cloth or directly on the chandelier and wipe… Allow air dry and repeat if necessary to keep the crown look its best.

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Attica is another solution that will surely clean a kitchen chandelier. The same method can be used as mentioned above, either by spraying the solution on or off soaking. In a spray bottle, mix a solution of 1 dl distilled white vinegar (available in all grocery stores) and 2 dl water. Spray and clean. Alternatively, blow in a solution of 1 cup of non-foamed ammonia to 2 liters of water. Allow to drain for one to two hours, rinse and allow air to dry.

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