How Can I Check Projector Lamps With A Meter

Projector Light Bulb Replacement Original Style

Projector Lamps – Each projector uses some kind of light source to illuminate any medium being projected through the lens and onto a screen. Most projectors use incandescent lamps that use a filament suspended between two contacts in a transparent glass bulb. The filament is an element of resistance that can be testing with the configuration of a multimeter ohms. The reason for using a meter is to make sure that the lamp itself. Instead of some other component in the projector is causing the lamp to not turn on.

Unplug the projector for safety. Remove the projector replacement lamps suspect of being kill by the projector. Making sure that the lamp has had time to cool first and care to handle with a soft cloth. Some bulbs use a small screw base, a variation of those used in the most home projector. There are others that use a bayonet type base the kind used in a set of taillights of the old typical style car.

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The bayonet-style base is also cylindrical, but instead of a screw thread. It has a smooth metal sleeve with two small teeth protruding towards the sides of the base. To remove this type of bulb, push the projector bulbs replacement lightly to overcome the spring pressure in the socket, turn the bulb to the left until it stops. Set the multimeter to check Ohms or resistance. Touch the two leads, normally black for the ground or negative and red for the positive. In an analog meter, the needle must turn all the way to resistance to zero.

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