How High Floor To Ceiling Fireplace

Mediterranean Floor To Ceiling Fireplace

Floor To Ceiling Fireplace – For the proper functioning of the chimneys have to respect some rules of installation for the fireplace to work properly, if we cannot have problems so much fireplace, in the event that when we speak of chimneys we refer to the pipes of the chimney. As well as a height at the time of placing the fireplace, referring in this case when talking about the fireplace, home or body where the fire is making.

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The two issues affect the proper functioning of the chimney and the fact of getting the most out of it, giving us the maximum heat and reaching as far as possible inside the house. We have the home of a floor to ceiling fireplace or a wood cassette and we think about doing the installation of it. Once we have decided the best place to install the fireplace by location. In a large room so that the fireplace has the necessary fresh air and so that the heat is transmit without obstacles.

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And in a place where by removing the pipes from the chimney is feasible, avoiding slabs and belts of the beams and the slab, we have to decide how high we place the chimney. If we place the floor to ceiling fireplace at ground level, we do not leave that 40 cm for cold air to arrive. And the surrounding system does not work as well.