How To Clean Chrome Crystal Chandelier

Beautiful Chrome Crystal Chandelier

A chrome crystal chandelier can truly push a room from ordinary to wonderful. However, as everyone knows, chandeliers hang from the ceiling, typically out of reach. And while this fact adds to the mystique and beauty of the luxury item, it also makes them incredibly difficult to clean. And a dirty chandelier not only reflects negatively on you, it dampens the brilliance of your room as well as your chandelier piece itself. For that, they must be cleaned to maintain the magnificence.

For a chrome crystal chandelier that hasn’t been cleaned in ages, the best way to properly clean it is by removing the crystals one by one and wiping them by hand on an individual basis. Of course, when you do this it’s important you make sure you’re putting the crystals back in the proper place, as they are often different and assorted in a very specific way. When washing the crystals, it’s recommended you use lukewarm water and mild dish soap. DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT use boiling hot water, as this will negatively affect the crystals themselves. And be sure to be careful when drying.

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However, if you are an individual who pays your chandeliers the attention they deserve and you do get to cleaning them before they get overly filthy, it is possible to clean chrome crystal chandelier without removing each individual crystal. The truth is removing each individual crystal can be a pain in the neck. So if you’re looking for motivation to get to clean your chrome crystal chandelier, this should be it.

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