How To Connect A Beadboard On Ceiling

White Beadboard On Ceiling

Beadboard on ceiling is an old style of wood for wall or roof cladding that is reminiscent of the inside of the wagons or old boats. It comes in long planks, with the edges of the tongue and groove that fit closely together. Placing the boards on a roof is an effective way to add character to a room and can also hide ceilings that are cracked, scarred or otherwise unpresentable. Make sure the beadboard is pre-finished since you do not necessarily want to finish on the roof.

Mark the entire roof in the position of each beam with a level and a pencil. Measured across the roof, end to end, perpendicular to the joists, along with the edge of the rooftop. The transfer of the measurement of a beadboard on ceiling plank. Subtract 1 inch from the measurement. Cut the board to that size on a miter saw. Hold the beadboard to the ceiling, with the grooved edge of the base plate facing the wall and place half an inch out of it. There should be a space of half an inch on each end of the board as well.

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Attach the card with two finishing nails per joist, shooting them straight up through the face of the plate with your adjustment gun. The lines you drew on the roof will show you where each joist is. Cut the next board to the size in the same way. Press the grooved side of it against the side of the tongue of the previous gasket. Nail the new plate in place by firing a nail by joist on the side of the beadboard on ceiling.

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