How To Hide A Wire Wall Mounted Reading Lamps

Wall Mounted Bedside Lamps Reading Shabby Chic

Wall Mounted Reading Lamps – Wall lamps can be added focused work lighting to the room without taking up space on the floor. This type of lighting is ideal for lighting counters where you do not want to sacrifice valuable floor space to a lamp base. You can also use a lamp mounted on the wall of reading light next to the bed. When you do not want to mess up a bedside table with lamps. The drawback of the wall mounted lights is the cable running on the wall.

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Fortunately, you can easily hide this monstrosity with a few simple steps. Measure the distance from the lamp to the top of the motherboard. As well as the distance along with the motherboard to the electrical outlet into which you will be plug-in wall lamp. Use a sharp knife to cut a piece of plastic cable cover to the lengths determined in step one. Paint the cable cover to match the wall that will be mounted.

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Be careful not to remove or damage the adhesive backing on the back of the cable cover in this process. Let the cover dry overnight to avoid stains. Insert the cable into the cable cover. Attach the cable cover to the wall with the adhesive material. That is previously applying on most of the cord covers. Position furniture to cover part or most of the wall lamps plug in cable cover to avoid drawing attention to this area.