How To Stained Eiko Lamps

Small Eiko Lamps

Eiko lamps and windows have been used for centuries in decoration. From cathedrals, home decor, stain glass is a beautiful art form. You can create your own stained-glass lamps for your home or office with some tools and some time.


Set your space with all the tools and glasses you need. Because you will be working in three dimensions, you must support the glass as you walk. Keep extra supplies near, for example, paper towels and a wet cloth, to clean up any accidents. You also get a first aid kit for cuts or burns. Choose a pattern from a book or create your own design. Eiko lamps to Sketch on paper or cardboard and then trace it with marker to make it more visible. Cut out pieces of glass, to create one for each piece of your design. Try to avoid too many curved pieces, as they are more difficult to cut.

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Lay out the pieces to match the pattern you create. Use a brush to apply epoxy to the edges of some of the parts that touch. Use a soldering iron solder pieces together over epoxy. Then epoxy applies for the next few pieces and continues. Assemble the pieces as you go. You have to set the pieces as you go instead of putting them all together on a flat surface. Continue to install glass in the frame when working until the Eiko lamps is ready. Give it time to dry and cool before cleaning the glass with a glass cleaner and a cloth.

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