How To Take Care Of Chalkboard Painted Wall

Chalkboard Painted Wall Amazing

Chalkboard Painted Wall – When it comes to our homes, most of us have a roof and four walls. And if you have walls, chances are at least some of them are paint. And the painted walls can sometimes be a bit scuffed, dirty or notice. Here are some tips for maintaining and protecting your walls.

Select the type of chalkboard painted wall color that is right for you and your space. Semi-gloss and gloss can be easier to clean and less likely to show watermarks and other places, but not everyone wants their bedroom walls to be shiny and reflective. Matt or satin finishes are often preferred in bedroom and living room spaces.

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Take some preventive measures. If it works for the style of your home, consider adding a railing chair or wood pan to your walls. They help to protect the parts of the walls most likely to be scratch by feet and chairs, which means that your paint job has a better chance of lasting. You can also attach rubber bumper to the back of chairs or any other furniture that could hit the wall. And if you hang your artwork from two hooks instead of one, it will be less likely to move and scrape up the walls.

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Keep the paint on hand. When chalkboard painted wall a room, save the excess color and clearly label each, with the room it can be used to make sure you can easily figure out which one you need to get recovery time. But note that the color can change over time, both on the wall and in the can, so there is no guarantee your touch-ups will be invisible. If you do touch-up, keep the patches small.

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