How To Transport Drum Chandelier

Nice Drum Chandelier

Drum chandelier are attractive lighting options that provide a part of refinement in all rooms. Because of their costs, many homeowners choose to take crowns with them when they move. Transporting a crystal chronicle to a new location must be done carefully, as the components are very fragile. With the right gasket technology, the chandelier will be as safe as when it hung on the ceiling.


Turn off electricity to the room where the drum chandelier is located and then place a ladder beneath it. Climb on the ladder and remove any of the glass components that simply hang on the frame. Wrap all the removed pieces with the help of the magazine and place them in large plastic storage bags. Leave the air in the bags before sealing them to add further damping. Climb back up for the steps and locate the center hook on the chandelier where the cord extends into the ceiling. Grasp the hook and turn it counterclockwise until it comes out of the ceiling. Remove the screws in the outlet box inside the ceiling so that you can access the wires.

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Pull the base of the drum chandelier down and examine the wires. Unscrew each of the plastic wire closure caps to disconnect the black and white wires from the ceiling. Then look for a copper or green thread and disconnect it from the outlet box in the ceiling. Lower the chandelier carefully on the floor. Have another person keep open a large plastic bag when lifting and then lowering the chandelier in it. Fill the bag with packing peanuts until the chandelier is completely surrounded by attenuation. Knit the top of the bag in a knot, with the chandelier cord extending out of the top.

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