How To Use Antique Gas Lamps

Outdoor Gas Light Parts Ideas

Gas Lamps – Gas lanterns escape from natural gas, propane gas or a mixture of propane and butane. They contain a wick, which lights and stays on until the gas runs out, or until the lantern turns off. Gas lanterns are commonly used outdoors in landscaping and camping. Some older houses may also have indoor gas lanterns. Using a gas lamp is a simple process, but you must follow the proper safety precautions, as they can cause fires.

Place the gas lamp in an area that does not contain any combustible items. Clear all the leaves, pine straw, clothing or fabric that can ignite. Do not place the lamp near tents or under trees at low altitude. Insert new propane or another gas container into the gas lanterns if it is a hand-held model. Use the instructions provided with the lantern for proper installation. The boats normally fit in place at the bottom of the lanterns. If the gas lamp is installed permanently.

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Look for the small knob on the gas regulator located on the base side of the gas lantern or sometimes a little less than the balloon. Turn the knob to the left to open the gas flow. Turn it only 1/4 to 1/2 turn, but do not open it until the end. Remove the balloon gas and keep it in reserve in a safe place. Light a long-stemmed match and keep it in the center of the antique gas lamp parts until the flame ignites.

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