Ideas For Install Hallway Light Fixtures

Modern Hallway Lighting

A different hallway light fixtures can change the appearance of the entire room. A lighting fixture with old wiring is installed in the same way as a light fixture with new wiring. Most lighting fixtures with old wiring consist of a neutral and a hot lead. Wiring in homes consists of the same wiring except that some homes may also have a ground wire. The installation of a lighting device with old wiring takes place in about 20 minutes.

Ideas for install hallway light fixtures. Turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to the area of ​​the house where the lamp will be installed. Pull out and separate the wires from the electrical box where the light will be installed. Straighten the cables so that there is no confusion which cable is which. There should be a white wire, a black or red wire, and possibly a copper-colored wire. These are the neutrals, hot and earth respectively.

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Then for install hallway light fixtures. Strip 2 inches of insulation from the ends of the neutral and hot wires with wire strippers. Prepare the old wires of the lamp in the same way as you did with the house wiring. Pairs of current and neutral cables from the device with the current and neutral cables from the house wiring. Place the wires as parallel to each other and screw a cable nut into each pair. Wrap the pairs with electrical tape. Since the old lamp will probably not have a floor, put the ground wire back into the electrical box.

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