Ideas For White Table Lamps

Original White Table Lamps

White table lamps often have unusual lamp shades that can be used for table lamps. In most cases, the swag lamp will have a built-in frame with a wire opening at the top that will work as well as a standard harp-style shade mounting point. Combining the swag lamp with a table lamp kit, along with the base material, you can really turn the swag into a table lamp.


Buy a white table lamps kit. These are available at most lamp stores, construction stores, and hobby shops and online. Order the inner threaded tube 1 inch longer than the height of your base. You can convert almost anything to a lamp base. Choose something that works well with style, size and color of your swag shade. The base should generally not be longer than the shade is wide. Place your base on the table. For example, if you use a simple garden vase as a base and you have chosen a kit for vase that requires no drilling.

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Place a hex nut, washer and fiber disc on one end of the threaded tube. Place a washer and hex lock nut to hold the disc on the tube and tighten them together. This is for the base of the tube. Attach a hex nut, washer, brass neck, bottom of harp and socket to the top of the tube. Insert the white table lamps screw the insert into the vase so that the disc is at the bottom. Tilt the post on the side and pour the plaster in Paris around the post at the bottom of the vase. Stand upright and center in the vase. Hold the insert or tape the vase so that it is level and upright that gypsum solidifies.

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