Ideas Of Ceiling Patterns

Bedroom Ceiling Patterns

Ceiling patterns – One of the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance was an illusory painting of a cloud populated with angels. This artwork was in the bedroom of the Duke of Mantua, on the roof of the room. The work artist understood the power of the roof design. Today’s ceilings do not need such graduated techniques to be appealing, just a thought of the psychological effects of changing a roof shape, lighting and patterns. ‘

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Low relief Designs

Ceiling patterns are those that have a certain structure, usually a patterned one, which extends slightly from the ceiling surface to the floor. The liberation gives a break from the visual monotony of large void spaces. Stocking is a way of printing thick, texture patterns on a roof to create low relief. Creating effects with stucco means pressing a surface with a coarse or raised structure in the wet stucco. Sample surfaces include sponges, sacks and braided fabrics.

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Cassette cover is another type of relief construction. Boxing lists usually take the impression of ceiling patterns, whose borders are formed by grooved casting. The cash registers are more eye-catching and stately than other help patterns like stuck. Take this into account when considering the net effect of the interior of the entire room under the ceiling.