Ideas Simple Wall Mural

3D Simple Wall Mural

Do you want to make simple wall mural? Custom wall murals don’t always require extensive artistic talents. There are many easy methods to paint a mural, like lightning, on a wall. Experiment with the method that works best for you on a cardboard or craft paper taped to the wall before you actually paint the mural. Practicing on a wall covered with paper can give you more confidence. And then allow you to perfect your technique before rendering the beam in the paint.

Repaint or clean the wall, which will have the lightning simple wall mural. Walls painted with latex clean with dishwashing liquid applied to a damp sponge and dry the wall completely with towels. Cover the baseboards, windows, window frames and door frames with adhesive tape or newspaper painters held in place with masking tape to protect the finished paint drops. Move the furniture in the room or the wall. Use rags to protect the floor. Wall surfaces do not have to be completely flat to paint murals.

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Place a template purchased at the local store to paint with painters tape or make your own template. Draw or draw lightning on a rigid cardboard or cardboard in the actual size you want to paint on the simple wall mural. Use scissors or a knife to cut the material from the inside of the traced ray. Stick the home template to the wall where you want the beam to appear on the mural with duct tape or painters adhesive tape.

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