Ideas Texture Suede Wall Paint

Amazing Suede Wall Paint

Textured suede wall paint is a common wall finish in many homes. As a homeowner the tastes change, these walls you can paint with latex paint. The walls are not difficult to paint. Homeowners who do not like the suede texture can spend time lightly sanding the walls. However, the walls do not need to be sanded to paint properly. While high sieve rolls are used during the paint process the texture should be easy to cover with regular latex paint.

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Set of rags on the floor under the textured suede wall paint. Use blue painter tape moldings and any other areas you do not want to paint. Pour primer on the tray to the painters. Roll a high-nap paint roller on the primer. Roll the primer over the walls in a “w” motion. The high-nap paint roller will ensure that the primer reaches into the textured areas of the wall. Cover the entire wall with suede texture with the primer. Allow the primer to dry completely.

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Pour the latex paint on the tray to the painters. Roll a high-nap paint roller in the latex paint. Cover the walls with latex paint by rolling the paint on the wall in a “w” motion. Allow the paint to dry completely. Paint a second layer of latex paint on the suede wall paint. Allow the paint to dry and repeat if necessary. Remove the painter’s tape and place the clothes on the walls and the floor.