Ideas To Hang Globe Pendant Light

Globe Pendant Light Black

Globe pendant light has very simple, clean, modern design elements. It hangs from the roof of a thin metal bar through which the electrical wires that supply electricity to the bulb are threaded. At the end of the rod is metal lid that the balloon shade mounts to. Turn on the light switch that works the ceiling light device where the globe lamp is to be installed.

Go to the circuit breaker box and turn the switch to the off position for the switch that feeds electricity to the roof junction box on which the globe pendant light is being connected. Go back to the room. If the bulb of the existing ceiling lamp is no longer illuminated, the right circuit breaker has been deactivated. Now it is safe to take down the old lamp and the wire in the new one.

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Place a ladder under the existing globe pendant light and raise it with a screwdriver in your hand. Remove the shadow and unscrew the bulb. Then unscrew the base of the lamp that fits tightly to the ceiling. Disconnect the cables that hold the lamp from the cables in the electrical connection box embedded in the ceiling.

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