Ideas To Mount Mid Century Modern Lamps

Famous Mid Century Modern Lamps Design

Mounting a wall mount for your mid century modern lamps can seem confusing when you are looking at individual components. However, the process is simple and does not require specialized tools. Most desk lamps come with a mounting kit that includes all the parts you need, but you can also buy suitable hardware at any home improvement center. Attach the mounting bracket to the wall where you want the hanging lamp.

Slightly sketch the stand with your pencil, which marks the position on the wall. Remove the support. Measure the location of screw holes using the measuring tape. If you have holes in the keyhole-shaped screws in your bracket, to measure the narrow end. Use the tape measure and a pencil to mark the corresponding places on your wall.

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Make a pilot hole in your wall in each screw hole with a 1/8 inch drill bit. Drive an anchor of drywall in each pilot hole with your hammer. Screw one screw into each drywall anchor with the hand screwdriver. Leave 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch of screw protruding from the wall. Erase pencil marks from your wall. Mount the mounting bracket on the screws. If the model has the screw heads exposed after assembly, tighten the screws downwards by hand. If not, the base must be thick enough to remain stable.

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