Ideas To Paint White Sofa Table

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White sofa table – Changing your home decor is fun, but does not have to be expensive if you think creatively. Shabby chic furniture still in fashion and beautifully painted old furniture can look as good as-or even better than-new. An old sofa table can be given a whole new lease of life with a sensible layer of paint. Careful preparation is the key to a successful makeover project, so be sure to provide enough time and materials to adequately prepare the surface for paint. It is easier to use water-based (latex) paint, but oil-based paints can provide a better finish.

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Ideas to paint white sofa table, prepare an area to work. You should fix old plates or a newspaper on the floor, as otherwise paint and sawdust will get everywhere. You may prefer to work outside, especially if you use an oil-based paint that emits fumes.

Then to paint white sofa table, prepare your sofa table for painting. An existing coffee table is already coated with paint or varnish, both of which will prevent new layer of paint sticker. Take some fine sandpaper and sand all the surfaces of the table (including legs and sides). Sanding, you only want to remove shine, do not sand the tree down. Clean the table clean to remove any dust. Prime the sofa table with a brush and a white water-based (latex) primer. You can buy primer, but it is often as good to use diluted white emulsion. Use a mixture of half water, half paint.

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