Identify And Remove Asbestos In Ceiling Tiles

Asbestos In Ceiling Tiles Adhesive

Asbestos In Ceiling Tiles – If you your house or business contains asbestos ceiling tiles and you are considering how to move or modify them. Then you really need to read this to prevent any risk of exposure to the deadly substance. Asbestos is too risky to get it wrong. And with some simple tips and common sense there is no reason for you to have any problems. Asbestos has been a part of the building industry for a very long time and even throughout the 1990’s the product was being use in new buildings.

Usually the products that contain the offending product don’t cause problem for the general public as they are not friable. It is when they break up that the tiny fibers are released into the air and cause the potential of being en-haled. Asbestos in ceiling tiles because a particular problem for home renovators and builders as the tiles are usually very easy to break. Moving the around even to just get access to the ceiling cavity causes the possibility of the tile to break. There is no way of knowing if the tiles on your ceiling contain the substance either. They look just like regular ceiling tiles. The tiles were commonly use before the 1970’s; if your building is older than that you might be at risk.

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Due to this high risk of exposure it is highly recommend that if it is necessary to remove them. Get a qualified contractor in to remove your asbestos in ceiling tiles. If you aren’t sure whether the do contain the deadly substance then have a look for a test kit and let an expert decide before you make any drastic movements to the tiles. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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